It's crazy 'Power Rangers' even exists

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Twenty years ago this week, "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" premiered in theaters across America. For boys and girls of a certain age, this was a very big deal. "Power Rangers" was huge, premiering in 1993 and immediately making headlines like "The Mighty Nielson Power Rangers" thanks to its overnight success.
Of course, those news stories would also berate the series for "silly, non-menacing, obviously fake monsters, cheesy production, low-tech special effects and sometimes hokey stories." But it was a hit, because it was all about teens who beat up monsters and pilot giant dinosaur-shaped robots, Baby Einstein Box Set two things every kid wants to do the second they get out of school (which was, by design, when NCIS Los Angeles dvd buy Blood Drive Season 1 8 the series aired).
SabanRobot. Dinosaurs. Pretty cool stuff.

But when you consider how it was made, it's absolutely crazy that the "Power Rangers" TV series succeeded to spawn a franchise that's still going strong to this very day, with roughly 20 iterations on the classic formula so far. Or that enough people in charge of various companies saw it The Jeffersons The Complete Series dvd set and said "Yes, this is a great idea, let's do it! Teenagers with attitude!"

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