It's no secret that Horror books are booming again

It's no secret that Horror books are booming again. Thanks to authors like Edward Lee, Brian Keene, James Wrath and many others how many seasons of Heartland we're seeing a surge in the industry not seen in years.
Some claim the new surge of is largely due to the political climate (or was during the Bush junior era) which certainly could be true. However, I believe that it's more due to the economic climate. People need a means of escape, and what better way to escape from the hard economic times than good Horror books and a glass of wine?

Recent trends have been leaning towards extreme however, especially with the surge of Edward Lee and James Wrath and others with their ever popular horror books like The Golem. But there is a debate between some of the older, more literary fans and the new growing fan base among extreme .
On one side, you have an argument for subtlety and extremes to only be used in rare occasions to make them that much more exciting. On the other hand you have individuals who claim the abundance of blood, gore and sex just makes horror books more exciting and entertaining.

This debate between different types of will certainly be one that continues, and in all respects it should. It's good for the industry and it's really good for the readers. Why? Because it's stirring up attention, because more and more people are entering the genre and we're seeing new and exciting things done in that we haven't seen before.
Already we've seen plenty of new talent, Season 1 Fargo dvd and thanks to mediums like the internet that's sure to keep growing. And let's not forget about digital books or e-books. This opens up a whole new avenue for and writers to share their work without the hefty middle man of a publisher.

Sure, having your published by an actual publisher will get you taken more seriously, but I believe everyone should be able to profit off their work. There's a customer out there for just about everything, so if you have a Horror book that no big publisher will take, just make it into an e-book!

I suppose it all comes down to the reader, but whether you like more literary books The Brokenwood Mysteries new Season or more extreme, no one can deny, Horror books are making a comeback. And for that my friends, we should all be thankful.

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