Lara Stone, La Cara Del Perfume

The Dutch model Lara Stone began his career at 16 years, when in his homeland he moved to Paris with little luck.
After years of surviving on menial jobs, the 23 firm with the appropriate agency, was presented to the designers set out and became what is today the undisputed darling girl in the world of fashion. The firms selected more cosmetics, apparel and fragrances are currently vying for the exotic sensuality of blanqusima skin, full lips and teeth apart.

The creators of fragrances, in general, seem to be massively attracted by Lara: open any high fashion magazine is now to find warranty embodying the spirit of many different scents. And sometimes, even completely opposite.
In early 2010, Donatella Versace Lara chose the image of a new edition of Versus, the bestselling fragrance signature. Far from the original fragrance launched in 1992, the new Versus is eminently a fruity floral fragrance, according to Donatella, is proposed to hold all aspects of femininity, sweetness to the most crude and animal sensuality.

In the fragrance business, Lara Stone seems to embody more than anything this last end of the spectrum, dancing suggestively between mirror balls and pink lights that are a clear homage to 90 years.
Much more sensual than sexual, is the campaign of INFUSIONS Diris, the latest fragrance from Prada. Launched in the year 2009 with Sasha Pivovarova, Miuccia Prada's favorite image, distills the intense Diris INFUSIONS heart of the flower that shares its name with the old and traditional technique of raw materials INFUSIONS.

In 2010, the ubiquitous Lara Sasha Stone replaces the image of the perfume, and all its suggestive appeal luci a classic commercial, sensitive and refined.
But the Dutch streak does not end there: logged lacked an even greater triumph. From the day of its launch, the fresh scent Be Delicious by Donna Karan, in their versions of red and green apple became a success with classic destination. And for nearly 10 years, the identifiable image Be Delicious was Denmark's Louise Pedersen. Pedersen continued to make this unique even during the long campaign that tom sabticos years to care for her husband and her daughter, Donna Karan and never thought to replace it.

Until today. Be Delicious has a new vision, and its image is Lara Stone. In a totally different facet of his other campaigns of perfume, the Netherlands looks all relaxed, spontaneous and New York. Versatility certainly not be denied.

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