Has The World Globalized?

Technological inventions have truly become cheaper and, therefore more affordable for many people.

It could be possible due to rapid speed of technologies development when more complicated machines began replacing primitive and simpler ones. However, there is still a group of people and even whole nations who cannot afford the costs of cell phones, computers and the Internet [Redirect Only] access.

Yet, television transmission Mr. Robot episodes is available for everybody now. But this kind of linking people is quite a personal view of the world. TV stars, movies, news and shows mostly reflect opinions and views of those who make these stars, movies etc. it is difficult to have ones own personal opinion and attitude if he cannot view any event himself.
Even democratic societies and financially independent TV channels cannot but being censored Seasons 1-4 Reba by some people who are interested in presenting their own views and attitudes. One of the most democratic and independent tool of shrinking the world is the Internet.

It is free for publication various photos, articles, news and personal views. However, the recent statistics has shown that only ten percent of the world population can afford Internet access now. So what about globalization? It is mainly a question of developed nations who have recently demonstrated that they are not very happy with this idea and they do not really want to blur cultural, traditional, original and even economical borders with others.

However, fast growing Internet can show the opposite view. More and more Internet users appear every day and they would not be happy if somebody did close this Gate to the world.

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