Create a 6 Figure Business From Home in 2011 - 6 Secret Techniques to Sensational Success

Who else wants to construct a genuine, viable and VALUABLE six figure business from home in 2011? Think that you need to be a guru, or have tons of money to invest, or spend the next six months LEARNING a whole bunch of techniques to make an amazing income from home?

Think AGAIN!

The truth is, the absolutely easiest way to build a 6 figure business from home in 2011, is to parlay your PASSION into perpetual piles of profit, turning what japanesesingingbowls.com you LOVE into a living.

Much better news?

You can follow the simple SIX sequential steps below to turn just about any niche into a powerful, profitable and easy way to share your knowledge and get paid handsomely to make it happen.

Here are MY 6 steps....and they work like magic for me, and will do the SAME for you if you apply them. These are the steps (and if possible...created IN this specific order)

* Content
* Character
* Community
* Conversation
* Curriculum
* Conversion

For simplicity sake, and because I don't have a ton of space to elaborate, you are going to be creating CONTENT, in whatever you have the most passion for, to create a COMMUNITY of fans and evangelists....a portion of which will end buying your CURRICULUM (which is consulting, coaching, mentoring, or hard good products, teaching, etc) due to the relationship and rapport you build over time. (your conversation)

The truth is, it's truly not difficult...and content much like what you are reading right now is ALL you need to create to get started, now.....for FREE. (no gurus required) Having a premium priced offer (your curriculum) is the QUICKEST and most powerful way to make BIG money using this system, as you only need 10 people a month to spend $850 dollars with you to earn your first $100,000.00. (rather than MOST people who try to sell 100 people a $98 dollar product every month...which is MUCH hard!

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