Like an arrow, like how to improve corrida rápida e curta speed

Thigh high leg lift before the group can enhance muscle strength and flexibility of the hip joint ligament, the development of leg muscle strength and knee flexibility, improve the movement frequency. From Blue Bloods show which to improve sprint speed!

Hawaii Five-0 The Complete Collection Collection dvd 1 small step alternating fast and slow running

Reduce the running range of motion,Nike Free Run Cheap speed up the movement frequency.

Method: ` speed pace of change practice; a gradual transition to buildup practice. Practice from 60 meters to 80 meters. Requirement is relaxed on the lower limb Cheap True Detective dvd motor coordination, fast frequency, active front feet pawing.

(2) in situ alternating arm speed

Running in the arm not only to maintain the body balance and promote support for the back legs kicking, but also promote leg swing frequency.

Methods: In-situ how many seasons of Saving Hope are there standing, listening to clap the signal to do the exercises. Clap the rhythm to have speed, generally slow a fast and slow. Each exercise 2-3 sets of 15 "-20." Requirement is that the shoulder joint to relax, have sensational feeling. Note that when the former put forward force.

3 high leg lift

Strengthen thigh and hip muscle strength before the group the flexibility of ligaments, the development of leg muscle strength and knee flexibility, improve the movement frequency.

Method: ` place or support practice, regular (10 "~ 15") or fixed times (50 to 60 times); a road between the exercises, from slow to fast, and gradually transition to a way to run (the signal can also be added rhythm ); c place load (light sandbags tied to the upper leg) exercise, the same way `; requirement is at right angles to the thigh and torso, legs fully extended kicking, improve focus, to prevent the upper body forward or back.

4 nominated light barbell jump exchange

Development of lower limb force coordination.

Methods: In-situ for, regular (20 "~ 30") or into a fixed number of group exercises. Requirement is gradual, there must be a certain rate.

5 Traction run

Improve the operating frequency, enhance the threshold for stimulation.

Methods: Follow run, run downhill or downwind run. Exercise distance of 20 meters. Requirement is best to do the exercises. Practice methods to improve the pace

6 after the tread run

Development of leg strength, in order to improve the force.

Method: ` support exercises, regular (15 "or so) or fixed times (60 times) into a group; a weight-bearing support exercises, leg negative contribution, the same way `; c 60 meters to 80 meters to practice, practice to improve the quality of the main. requirement is that upper body slightly forward, hip, knee, ankle fully extended pedal, try to open the angle between the two thighs.

7 specialized jump

Explosive development of the legs and jumping ability.

Method: ` multi-level long jump and standing long jump; a leapfrog; b various stride jump distance (run), such as 80 meters to 300 meters are used to group practice. Long exercise classes can be arranged in the rear. Force required to note the order and the outbreak of force.

8 uphill run

Development of leg strength.

Methods: group exercise, rest between each 2 to 3 minutes, such as (10