Maya's Top 10 Indian Bridal Dresses

Here is the list that a lot of people were asking for. Maya has given us her time and created a top 10 list of her favorite Indian bridal dresses. Some may agree, some may disagree, but all of you know from your own experience that this is pretty much what we all have seen the trends lean towards. Let's begin.

10. White wedding gown, for the Christian-Indian bride. One the most famous ones in parts of India like Goa.

9. Anarkali Suit, remember Rekha in the song Dil Cheez Kya hai. Gorgeous on a bride who is slender. A bride who chooses something simpler.

8. Laacha Kameez, it gains its popularity in Punjab. Laacha also known as the Dhoti is paired with a long Kameez (shirt). Back to your roots for a Punjabi bride.

7. Shalwar Kameez, a no fuss bride having a simple Marvel's Daredevil Season 2 cheap Girls dvd release date Australia wedding. But there are amazing styles to choose from. A few shalwar styles to choose from like the dhoti shalwar. Patyala, or the latest crop style. Any color goes.

6. Ghagra Choli , the bottom skirt NCIS Los Angeles dvd list of Ransom episodes quite similar to the Lehanga. The difference the top or choli is very short showing off the belly. Also a classic in India for the lavish but classic bride. Pink would be the color to go with.

5. Lehanga- Straight skirt/hour glass, another form of the Lehanga. This is for the bride that wants to keep The Knick show lavishness of the Lehanga but also wants to show off her figure. Team with a sleeveless kameez and a dupatta. Gold will be the color to go!

4. Lehanga- Full skirt for a bride with a grand wedding. Its flashy and heavy. Again unlimited colors to choose from, however green and red being the most popular. A snug short shirt on top with a embroidered dupatta.

3. Gharara, (a two legged skirt, worn with a short top) worn by the Mughal women it was one the most gorgeous outfits of those times, today we see them in collections of almost all the famous Indian designers. Beautifully embroidered bottoms of the gharara are paired with a short hip length top with small slits at the side and a long draping dupatta (oversized scarf). I see the gharara on a curvy bride. A rainbow of colors to choose from. Kameez can be long sleeved for the more modest or short sleeves/sleeveless for the modern bride.

2. Bengali Sari, made famous by movies like Devdas. Aishwariya was seen draped in those beautiful works of art. Longer in length than the normal Indian Sari and has a distinct way of wearing the pallu. A bride marrying into the Bengali culture and still keeping her fashion sense. I would suggest a jewel tone, with a matching long sleeved blouse just like Aishwariya.

1. Indian Sari-is the traditional and national dress of India. Not the Sari that your grandmother wore years ago; its been revamped into one of the sexiest outfit in India today. Designers like Manish Malhotra create gorgeous designs every season. I see Vikings Seasons 1-4 on sale the Sari on a bride that is having a very traditional wedding but still wants to look sexy. Best color would be a deep red with sparkling gold embroidery.

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