TURNERMAX Angle Punch Bag or Uppercut Boxing Bag can easily pave the Method towards a Brighter Fighting Future

TurnerMAX body bags for boxing are not only the center of attraction of many warriors but a part of equipment which assists in the overall workout. Moreover, you can excel in learning the skill of kneeing, elbowing, waist high kicking and striking is the default purpose of a punching bag.

What are the Uppercut Punching Bags Manufactured of?

Many of the heavy punching bags are made up of vinyl or artificial leather material because authentic leather is quite expensive and at times too expensive for the people. TurnerMAX is still in the process of generating a real cowhide leather angle bag or shaped bag for combat sportsmen. We here appreciate and praise the initiatives being carried out in the UK sports industry related to boxing, kickboxing, martial arts, Muay Thai and MMA.

Boxing in the UK is very vibrant and spontaneous - people in general are attracted towards this sports not only to become professional athletes someday but many of the males and females use it as best cardio activity. They have uppercut heavy bag punching bags simply hooked in their living rooms or in the garages as they induce striking techniques into their heavy boxing bags.

What Punching Bag Size should I Get?

You’ll be faced with this problem if you ask the people around or take a basic study. First of all, TurnerMAX makes many sizes which involve lengths like 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft as the most common sizes. 5ft boxing bag is the commonest size that suits almost everyone. The uppercut heavy bags in discussion here are good enough for every one as well but due to their odd shape, people might hesitate to buy them in the beginning. At TurnerMAX, we do not need an event to place the punching bags on sale as we plan to work on the well being and wellness of people with interest. The little ones are encouraged to indulge in this sport as we have made lighter and shorter punching bags for them. Commonly, ‘10 year old kid’s punching bag’ is a very general demand from the mothers.

Punching Bag Weight

The other aspect of this question is the weight of the boxing punching bag. Well, for heavy hitters or striking gurus, bags as heavy as 100 lbs are generally used, given, they don’t rock back and forth too much after being struck. The movement of the bags can get very frustrating therefore the heavier the bag, the more limited is the movement. Generally, a 70 lbs punching bag is enough for most people. You might entertain a lighter bag for the aspiring women and kids.

Note:- When the bag keeps moving, it keeps you on your toes all the time. You’re always changing angles while striking the bag. This builds your strength and foot movement.

The Dreams of our Youth - TurnerMAX

Exuberant young males and women need to be given a fair opportunity at maintaining their health along with their studies or jobs. They are the future and for a habitable future of this planet, we will need healthy individuals. The whimsical inventions of TurnerMAX in the variety of body shaped punching bags and body bags for boxing are a touch of class and during the period of their use, the amount of wear and tear is minimum as a result of quality of materials used in their production.

Body Shaped Angle Punching Bags

We call them the Mexican punching bags but you might know them as angle punch bags. They are shaped differently than the body bags or punching body bags but curved in a way to refine your striking technique. The surface of the bags is smooth and just waiting to get hit. They have a D ring at the bottom of the bag to anchor them to the floor to restrict their movement, making sure any kind of disruption can be avoided. This will lead towards a smoother uninterrupted workout for weight loss fanatics while the martial artists can improve their punching technique.

Say No to Discrimination

Although, we are not in favour of classification of punching bags for men and women based on their colors, we make pink punching bags for anyone interested in that colour. The pink boxing bags are beautifully carved by the hard working and passionate staff of this experienced enterprise.