The Sony Bravia KDL52Z5800 TV - Our TV Review

The Sony KDL52Z5800 is one of the leading LCD TV's in the market these days. You can watch your favorite TV shows, movies or play games in HD with its'20 x 1080 pixel resolution and 52" screen. As with all the others in the BRAVIA series, this LCD TV carries Sony's BRAVIA ENGINE 3. Now you can enjoy pictures bursting with lifelike colors, crisp details and superior contrast.

Superior Imaging Technologies

Other LCD TV's fail big time when it comes to displaying smooth frame transitions. This is especially evident when watching shows or movies with lots of fast actions in them. You don't see any intense action - just blurring that can really get annoying. But thanks to the Motionflow 200Hz with IB reduction, you can enjoy better your sports, action-packed blockbusters or games.

Proper contrast tends to disappear on the face of the LCD screen, particularly when viewed from certain angles. The KDL52Z5800 maintains the solidness of black colors as it packs in a 100000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. Live Color Creation and WCG-CCFL backlight team up to let you enjoy colors like never before. There's no dull moment in here - only moments full of lifelike and vivid colors. With a single push of a button on the remote, you can tweak the sound and picture setting.

An Array of Connectivity Options

The Sony KDL52Z5800 boasts of 4 HDMI inputs - two on the rear and two on the side. HDMI enables you to connect to your LED TV several different HD devices. It could be anything from a DVD player, surround sound system, to your gaming console. Your complete home cinema set-up can be easily accessed on the remote control.

DLNA connectivity enables you to display on the large 52" screen photos and video clips from compatible devices. There's also a USB 2. 0 port that lets you plug in USB-ready devices. Everything in your digital camera, camcorder or portable music player can be enjoyed by all in HD quality.

Energy-Saving Features

The Eco Settings of the Sony KDL52Z5800 lets you save on energy consumption. In addition, you get total entertainment without leaving a destructive impact on the environment. This LCD TV is a technological breakthrough without sacrificing the wellbeing of the planet.

It's best to enjoy your movies in a dimmed room with a backlighting that's not too bright. The power-saving mode of this LCD TV does that - enhances your entertainment experience, as well as your savings. The Idle TV Mode automatically switches off the TV when user input is absent after seasons 1-3 Graceland some time. Also, it can instead Top Gear box set Seasons 1-20 put the TV in standby mode, so electrical consumption is significantly reduced.

Other Cutting Edge Features

The design carries an even slimmer frame. This lets you focus on and enjoy more of the stunning pictures. Mounting this LDC TV on your The Man In The High Castle series wall turns it into a work of art - thanks to the Picture Frame Mode. You can display any of the pre-installed images, or your own, when the TV is not being used. The Sony KDL52Z5800 also comes with a built-in Freesat tuner. Now Lucifer series you can enjoy free-to-air HD and SD satellite broadcasts - without the clutter of a separate set-top boxes.

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