Why The Cougar Dating Trend Could Be Here To Stay

Finding an ideal mate should make you happy, and Family Matters there's an entire population of women who are turning their backs on convention and claiming their power.

Cougars, older women who enjoy dating younger men, are big news and have been for a few years at least. An increasingly large number of women have said "no" to being viewed as the submissive partner, and taken the lead in a societal trend that seems to be here to stay.

Historically, a man dating younger women was the popular "May/December" romance, and never raised an eyebrow. But, "cougars" have always existed in one form or another, from Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate, to Stifler's mother in "American Pie," but their seductions were always seen from the male point of view.

However, they did lay the ground work for a cultural phenomenon. Now, with the increase of websites aimed at matching cougars and cubs, the playing field is evening out, and getting your needs met is a lot more socially acceptable.