Don't Ignore Your Dental Health

gingival bleeding and dentitox pro dropper (www.bellevuereporter.com) Halitosis is often the first sign of bad dental hygiene which could sooner or later cause further periodontal problems."A good way to prevent periodontal disease and also tooth decay is through at-home dental hygiene care and routine dentist visits.
How gum disease can threaten the health of yours.
Since July of 1998, research has continued to mount to support these links. While more research has to be done to say definitively that people with periodontal disease are at increased risk for acquiring heart disease, stroke, uncontrolled diabetes, preterm births and respiratory disease, periodontists do know that periodontal disease is a bacterial illness, plus most infections are cause for concern.
Periodontal bacteria can go into the blood stream as well as travel to major organs and start new infection. Research is suggesting that this may:
Contribute to the development of heart disease, the nation's leading cause of death. Increase the danger of stroke.
Increase a woman's risk of working with a preterm, very low birth weight baby.
Present a serious danger to people whose health is compromised by diabetes, respiratory illnesses, or osteoporosis.

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