Herbal Supplement For HIV - AIDS Happens to be Successful In Clinical Trial

A recently concluded double-blind placebo controlled trial of the herbal supplement Sutherlandia OPC has established what numerous owners already knew - Sutherlandia OPC is hundred % effective in reversing HIV signs.
In the article "Success Against Hiv and Cancer in South Africa" I found how the Sutherlandia OPC supplement out of South Africa developed by South African HIV as well as cancer crusader as well as researcher Marc Swanepoel was virtually hundred % prosperous in stabilizing & reversing HIV symptoms and over 90 % successful against an extensive range of cancers.
As a consequence of the success with several hundred people over the past nearly four years, earlier this year Mr. Swanepoel devised as well as helped perform a tiny scale medical trial to determine the usefulness of his product ingredients - the common oleander plant, Nerium Oleander, as well as the "South Africa Cancer Bush" Sutherlandia Frutescens - against HIV at a popular Johannesburg AIDS clinic.
The clinical trial recently concluded with results as extraordinary as the preceding reports: Each one of the HIV patients improved considerably whereas all of the placebo group carried on to decline.
In the trail, a double blind, placebo controlled study, the twenty participants have been patients attending the AIDS clinic and Science.bio (www.bellevuereporter.com) weren't on any specific diets. The herbal supplement blend was granted to half of the people in a commercially available soy/milk product which had added vitamins added. The patients getting the placebo got merely the soy/milk and vitamins without the herbal mix. None of the patients knew what they were getting. Throughout the trial, individuals in both groups had blood tests done by registered pathology labs to evaluate blood levels of CD4.
From Mr. Swanepoel's Summary:

Findings as well as results
3 of the people in the placebo group withdrew as a result of continuous degeneration of the condition of theirs. In all 3 cases this happened within the initial 30 days of beginning on the placebo. They had been offered the option of taking anti-retrovirals or the real plant based combination without taking part in the remainder of the research. Two decided to take anti retrovirals while the third one chose to take the wonderful mixture. By the Tables and Graphs it could remain visible the group that had gotten the Herbal Mixture had an average CD4 matter size of 135 while the placebo group had an average CD4 count decrease of eighty seven.