Debate - Is Cannabis Addictive?

Since quitting and deciding to help others to do the same I'm frequently asked the hotly contested' Is cannabis addictive?' question. It is an area of interest that fiercely divides most' experts' and even those who spend their whole adult life inhaling it. Why don't we effort to establish whether cannabis is addictive.

Starting with a' hard' drug merely to make addiction simpler to recognize, read through the following passage and decide on your own if you think the individual is and is not fans of heroin:
"When I cannot get hold of heroin or maybe in case I understand that I will be unable to obtain any for that night, I right away turn into an alternative person. I am angry and emotional and I think so despondent I wont get that feeling of calmness and pleasure from the heroin. I really hate the feeling like I want it making myself feel better."
In your opinion, endocannabinoid receptors (CB1, CB2) (Read the Full Post) is it sensible to assume the person you're giving a massage is totally hooked on heroin?
In the view of mine there is no doubt at all. I would stake my life as well as mortgage on it!
Fine, re read that very same statement though this time the drug has today changed to cannabis.
"When I cannot get hold of cannabis or maybe if I realize that I am going to be powerless to obtain any for that night, I right away become an alternative individual. I am emotional and angry and I believe so despondent that I wont get that sense of calmness and pleasure from the cannabis. I truly hate the feeling like I want it to make myself feel better."
With just the name of the drug altered can it be reasonable to assume that individual is totally hooked on cannabis?