The best way to Quit Cannabis Using NLP

Smoking cannabis despite what many people may say can be extremely addictive to certain personality types and generalized anxiety disorder (address here) people in specific situations. There's zero chemical dependency connected with marijuana as there's with cigarettes or maybe harder drugs like heroin but consistent use is able to create a very powerful psychological addiction to the substance. How to give up cannabis thus doesn't come right down to riding out physical cravings like cigarettes but instead understanding your very own reasoning and thinking in terms of smoking pot.
To do this you have to a specific degree of self analysis which you are able to apply to uncover the fears you've in relation to quitting cannabis which can subsequently be eradicated by a technique referred to as Neural Linguistic Programming or NLP for brief. NLP essentially means this:

pass a drug testNeural Linguistic Programming

So when combined we have a system that through language we can train the mind of ours to behave in patterns that are different and also have diverse reactions to situations that don't follow the old programming of ours. What does this mean for when trying to figure out the way to give up cannabis?
There are a lot of things you say and think in your everyday life with a damaging outcome on giving up smoking weed with programmed you to fail and continues to do so unless you are able to alter the way you instinctively react to situations. By utilizing NLP to change the thinking of yours you are going to find these negative thoughts as well as search terms that have caused you to fail at stopping smoking marijuana will transform to good things that won't drag you down as well as incite a fear or depression response in yourself.

For instance, rather than saying:
I stop smoking cannabis consider thinking I like not to smoke cannabis - What's the difference?