Cannabis DNA Modification for Use to produce Ethanol

Cannabis of course is widely known as pot and marijuana. It's related with drug users as well as stoners. But if we can put in storage that stigma, we find that cannabis has four times the cellulose quality as corn, making it a likely excellent place for ethanol production.
Now next, personally I don't do drugs or smoke pot so this report is without consideration of the stoners in the world or the potential support of theirs of this particular plant for ethanol. If cannabis expands very effectively all over the earth it will make sense to explore the use of its for the making of ethanol.
If cannabis could be turned into Ethanol in that case , we need to alter it to help it become work much better and utilize those hereditary variations which often enable water which is low in production to insure that we do not obtain- Positive Many Meanings - selling price spikes in times of drought in the ethanol we discard for fuel. Moreover when the plant may be used to "get high" then we need to alter it so that won't happen or how the leaching into the ground or hometown hero delta 8 (great post to read) perhaps waterways does not have high amounts of THC since it would be problematic.
If we further modify this cannabis weed in that case , we have to ensure it is with terminating seeds until we realize what we have done, other wise it will become a "super weed" and take over organic cannabis as well as other close genetic species of weeds. In an internet think tank recently a gentleman mentioned that;
"Ethanol/bio diesel is gon na function as the gas supply of the future for the rotary, eccentric crank, 4 as well as 2 cycle engines that run the automobiles boats trains of ours and generator sets etc. I realize it burns far cleaner compared to the crude oil based hydrocarbon weighty fuels we throw away at present, and often will reduce the pollution."
So, it seems that we've one prospective plant for cellulose ethanol production and this is a really good point, as the more options available the better for our goals and objectives in growing a percentage of our personal energy. So consider this in 2006.