Five Health advantages of Cod Liver Oil

powerful detoxifying abilitiesBut there are many reasons exactly why your health can benefit from taking the good old treatment Cod Liver Oil. Here are my 5 top factors you should think it over as part of your supplement plan.
1. Omega 3 fatty acids
Cod Liver Oil is a fantastic source of the essential Omega-3 fatty acids. Scientific studies show that Omega-3 fatty acids could be helpful in treating heart disease, arthritis, support inflammation - Recommended Website, ADD, colitis and many other inflammatory conditions.
2. Vitamin A
Cod Liver Oil is a great source of Vitamin A, a powerful anti-oxidant (anti aging). Amongst other items Vitamin A is required for regular cell reproduction; it is required for reproductive health and good eyesight. Vitamin A is essential for skin which is healthy and beneficial in treating acne. Vitamin A is good for strengthening mucous membranes, especially in the lungs.
3. Vitamin D
Cod Liver Oil is a great supply of Vitamin D, which is primarily obtained from sunlight. Vitamin D is essential to help in the absorption of calcium which enables it to help in the protection against conditions like osteoporosis and rickets.
4. A Winter Tonic