"Miracle" Supplement Combats Cancer?

The only one Nutrient You absolutely Must Supplement Nervexol by Oceanside - Read the Full Article - Suzanne W. Dixon, MPH, MS, RD
What's the Something You're Supplementing?

circle labs cbdI don't push or even promote a lot of dietary supplements. I'm not really against supplements. But in my mind, supplements ought to be exactly what the title suggests: they are to supplement food, not change it.
The "something" is a healthy, varied, plant-based diet plan. Without the baseline of the correct diet, supplements are a wasted effort.

The Vitamin D Exception
As the saying goes, there is an exception to every rule. Nutritional supplements are no different. I've hardly ever reported, "Everybody needs X nutritional supplement..." until now.
Apart from people who have a medical reason not to take vitamin D, everybody must have a vitamin D supplement. Yep, you heard me right. Everyone could use a vitamin D supplement.
Evidence of the advantages of getting enough vitamin D is impressive. The research will continue to accumulate at a quick pace.