Neurological system Disorder by Eating Fish

Eating Fish breaks the central nervous system of ours by creating the condition Minamata. Minamata disease is a poisoning illness of the central nervous system caused by methyl mercury compound, which was produced of manufacturing acetaldehyde. This neurological disorder was due to ingestion of large amounts of fish contaminated with methyl mercury Nerve Renew by Life Renew 2 manufacturing effluents in Nilgata as well as Minamata (Japan). Following World War II (around 1952), the production of acetaldehyde boomed. So, also, did the area economy--and most residents welcomed their enhanced lifestyles. About the same time, fish began floating in Minamata Bay. Chisso, as it'd after 1925, went on to pay indemnity to local fishermen for possible damage to the fishing waters of theirs. Also at that moment, cats started to exhibit bizarre behavior which occasionally resulted in their dropping into the sea and dying, in what residents referred to as "cat suicides. "

Signs of the Disease

· Constriction of visible field
· Superficial sensory disturbance
· Deep sensory disturbances
· Ataxia (adiadochokinesis)
· Ataxia writing
· Ataxia within buttoning
· Ataxia in finger-finger wearing finger nose tests
· Ataxia (Romberg's sign)
· Impairment of speech
· Impairment of hearing
· Impairment of gait
· Tremor
· Muscular rigidity
· Ballism
· Chorea
· Athetosis
· Contracture
· Exaggerated tendon reflex
· Weak tendon reflex
· Hemiplegia
· Salivation
· Sweating
· Slight mental disturbance

Examination of the Disease
Since several symptoms of Minamata disorder could be caused by various other diseases also, diagnosis of the illness in individuals who have been subjected to methyl mercury compound is carried through on the basis of diagnostic criteria, in order to increase the degree of analysis probability. While diagnosis on this basis is fairly simple for normal patients who have all the major symptoms, in the situation of reasonable type or incomplete type of this disease, however, it could be tough to distinguish it from the following disease.

Timeline of the Disease
1908:- Nichitsu opens a chemical factory of Minamata (Japan).
1932:- Acetaldehyde output with a mercury catalyst starts.