Organic Medicines Vs Prescription Drugs

I cannot possibly remember my first contact with herbal remedies but I am certain it should have been through my Grandmother. She was a pioneer spirit, tough enough to destroy a hog to feed her family for the winter. She was amazing and I appear to remember sassafras tea and fresh yellowroot tea from the childhood of mine.
Grandma passed on long ago so I cannot ask although I find out she loved her garden and had by far the most prolific gardens I've noticed.
My conscious use of herbal remedies came a great deal later but coming from the initial experience of them, I realized this was how my entire body wanted being balanced as well as healed. Prescription medications often experienced out of balance with my personal energy field so, even though I have resorted to them in intense situations, I have stayed virtually entirely reliant on cures which are natural for the health of mine, for years.
In figuring out what I needed to be when I were raised, natural healing surfaced as a primary enthusiasm so I began to study herbology and all things organic, including homeopathy, nutritional therapy, and alternative healing.
On that path of purpose, I discovered the differences between herbal remedies THC-infused vape tanks and cartridges prescription drugs.

boston hempireI found that a lot of prescription medications originated from healing plants but that, generally, a single element of the organic herb was extracted. Nature has a wisdom that we really cannot improve on, though we keep on trying. The removal of a single component starting from a synergistic whoe, changes that component. Not all those changes are positive.
Another big difference in between using cures which are natural and being dependent on prescribed drugs will be the time required for each to create an obvious effect within the body. Though several natural remedies, such as those for heartburn or headache, can actually do the job a lot faster than their prescription drug counterparts, generally (and particularly in situations of chronic health problems developed over time, there is a difference in time required for an herbal remedy to work, rather than a prescription medication for the very same condition.
Simply because herbals are not concentrated extracts or chemically developed replicas of just one component originating from a synergistic whole, they take a bit longer to work but also work better, a lot more in alignment with real healing.
Symptom relief vs. real healing:
At what time do herbs work best?

Negative effects and drug interactions explored: