Is there A Genetic Connection Between Testosterone Levels And Our Body Fat?

Testosterone-based weight loss has been the topic of some research in to the genetic link between Testosterone and our fat levels. Researchers from the Ghent Faculty Hospital in Belgium explain this connection as an overlap between the genes which control out Testosterone level and click here; www.federalwaymirror.com, those that regulate our body fat.
Based on Dr Jean-Marc Kaufman, the lead researcher - there is a 23 % overlap between the genes involved. This overlap of genetic influences which regulate our fat control as well as composition Testosterone levels hints that these 2 variables are to some extent controlled by the identical set of genes.
So what?
The analysis unequivocally drew parallels and a direct correlation between our sex hormones and our body fat levels, and that this is mainly due to shared genetic influences. Particularly, a twenty three % inherited correlation between testosterone as well as body fat levels is a tremendous finding.
Based on Kaufman, the fat levels of ours and the composition of its is highly controlled by the genes of ours and also affected by the lifestyle of ours and environmental factors. diet and Exercise will always be important, but it is also strongly affected by genetic issues.
Because of the well-established rapport between fat levels and our testosterone levels, it is not at all shocking to search for the genetic link.
We have recognized for a really long period that testosterone levels and also fat stores do show high degrees or characteristics that we inherit. Our specific traits in many respects are inherited from the parents of ours, which then carries forward into our lifestyle and ecological options that we make.
The results go quite a distance towards explaining the complexity and also the interplay between the levels of ours of fat as well as our sex hormones.