Dry Penis Skin: Connected to Liver Health?

Some medical doctors think that the penis is a barometer of a man's that issues and overall health affecting the penis - including chronically dried up penis skin - should be checked out to find out if they indicate virtually any bigger issues. With this in mind, is it feasible that something like dry penis skin can give a hint regarding how balanced yet another body part is - like perhaps the liver? It's fascinating to think, and extremely important to be aware, that paying attention to penis health might have benefits outside of the pleasure someone derives from the penis at play.
Why must there be a connection between the state of one's the state and penis skin of one's liver? It's hard to imagine that these 2 organs - one inner, one outside, with features that are very distinct from one another - could be hooked up in a way. But there's a foundation for this.
Just what does the liver do?
Everybody knows the liver is extremely important, although most people don't know what it does. In reality, the liver plays a huge part in the metabolic processes which maintain the body operating at a healthy level.
Some of its most important functions are taking the nutrients which one gets from drink and food and transforming them into things which are in the right form for the body to make effective use of. It then stores these compounds until there's a need for them, at what time it sends them on their way to the cells in need.
Yet another crucial role it plays: taking toxins - substances which are not beneficial to & are potentially bad for the body - and often de-toxifying them (so they're generally harmless) or even ensuring that they get sent out of the body.

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If the liver health formula at walmart [www.peninsulaclarion.com] doesn't function correctly, it indicates the entire body does not get the good substances it requires and also it gets bad substances (toxins) that can harm it. The human body then needs to find another way to rid itself of the toxic compounds that the liver is not handling. And often it can that by secreting the toxins with the skin.