Four Strategies to Increase Semen Production in Men

Are you unsatisfied with the amount of semen you ejaculate?
If so, you are not alone.

A great deal of males wish they will often produce and ejaculate more semen. Ejaculating a larger amount of thicker semen can multiply pleasure often times. This is as the body of yours needs multiple and stronger contractions to give off a larger volume of seminal fluid. These contractions can enhance pleasure during ejaculation.
The semen volume of yours is extremely affected by the eating habits of yours. If you try to eat the right type of foods, you are likely to ejaculate more semen.

Here are a few simple experienced longer orgasms and increased intensity (hop over to here) easy ways to increase your semen production:
1. L-arginine
L-arginine is successful in increasing semen volume in males. It is great for erections too since it can help enhance nitric oxide production in the body. L-arginine can help boost testosterone in your body which is the hormone which controls semen production.
Try increasing your consumption of foods that are rich in l-arginine. Some of them include lean meat, dairy and poultry products, fish, oatmeal, nuts & beans etc. Alternatively, you can in addition try a l arginine supplement.