12 Often-Ignored Causes of Low Sperm Count in Men

leading edge healthIn the latest times the issue of low sperm count as well as male infertility are becoming very prevalent, erectile dysfunction (redirected here) and also have led to unhappy residences and unfulfilled hopes that seems due to a myriad of often ignored aspects like environmental toxins; lifestyle factors etc. that contain all if not enormously affected fertility of men, and their inability to get a lady pregnant.

According to WHO, in other for a couple to attain a proper pregnancy the male partner's sperm is going to have satisfying the information below:

-- Normal sperm count > 20 million sperm cells/mL

-- Sperm motility > 50%

-- Morphology (shape and size) of aproximatelly 30%
The female partner too on her part must "ovulate" a normal egg (ovum) from either of the ovaries of her in a copulation timely manner, for conception and fertilization being achieved.

Preferably abnormalities of the male spermatozoa may be described underneath the following headings:
- Oligospermia (low sperm count): This accounts for aproximatelly ten -15 % cases of male factor infertility.