Decreased Sperm Count and Low Sperm Quality - Proven Effective Remedies

Sperm Count: Of the countless sperm ejaculated, only aproximatelly 200 manage to get to the egg (ovum) in the female's fallopian tube as well as only one really impregnates the egg. Low sperm count in addition referred to as oligospermia happens when sperm count is less than 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen. Apart from sperm count, sperm quality and motility are just as crucial in male fertility.

doubling the sperm and semen volumeSperm Count:
Sperm Quality: In order for conception to take place, no less than sixty % of the sperm should be of a normal morphology (shape and structure). Typical sperm provide an oval head experienced longer orgasms and increased intensity (click the next web site) a long tail. Sperm with misshapen heads or perhaps curled tails or two-fold tails have a lower prospect of fertilizing the egg.

Semen Quality:
Sperm Motility: The sperm's tail propels it forward. Sperm should have the ability to move and swim in order to reach the egg. The chances of fertilization are higher if at least fifty % of the sperm have motility (forward movement).

Sperm Motility:

Causes of Low Sperm Count and Quality

Causes of Low Sperm Count and Quality


Heating exposure


Alcoholic beverages abuse


erectile dysfunctionLubricants

Recreational drugs

Approaches to boost quality and sperm count

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