Digestion Is the Foundation of The Health of ours

Digestive disorders are among the very best health issues in the United States. Since the integrity of the digestive system lays the foundation of an individual's overall health and immune function, it is the original issue that is addressed when going to a holistic healthcare professional.
Our stomach and intestinal system is where it all really happens...

- Disinfects and breaks down the meals we eat so that nutrients may be sent to the organs, glands, tissue and bone for nourishment and maintenance
- Home to beneficial microorganisms that govern our immune system as well as health
- Houses the enteric nervous system or' second brain' which is now thought to have an effect on hippocampus function in the brain
- Reabsorbs water and mineral ions
- Receives waste items to be processed and cleared from the body
Thus, when this hectic system breaks down, the entire body is impacted in profound ways. A listing of common health issues that are directly related click here to learn more - thedailyworld.com - digestive dysfunction include:

Allergies, Gluten Sensitivity

IBS, Crohn's, Constipation, Acid Reflux, Bloating

Acne, Psoriasis , Eczema

Sleep Disorders / Fatigue