2012 - Using Spiritual Energy to Change

dịch vụ cúng đầy tháng cho bé2012 will be the hint of change on a grand scale. This is a time of significant spiritual transformation which makes physical change. We are spirit and therefore are all part of the mass consciousness that is building our experience. Planet Earth is an exciting place for the creative adventure of spirit. We're all spirit, the bodies of ours are the vessels of ours as well as spirit could be the creator, mild and life within the entire body. As spirit we're one and Earth is the bigger body of ours. This particular major change time is an awakening of spirit in the physical consciousness; a moment to awaken to spirit.
The human bodies and Earth body are all changing to accommodate our increased spiritual energy. We've an infinite number of spiritual vibrations to make use of in the transformation of ours. Cosmic along with Earth energies can be consciously manipulated to heal ourselves and the planet of ours. Another potent energy called Kundalini energy is additionally emerging from the planet and individual bodies. Most of our spiritual energies transform lower bodily vibrations to a greater spiritual energy for us to operate in the creative process of ours. We need to bring the body energy up to accept our high religious vibrations. This requires awakening to the religious nature of ours.

A significant lesson for spirit is how to take your actual physical body to an awakened state to get spirit without harming the body. Deep breathing will be the way to turn within, understand yourself, and heal in a controlled and safe manner. By learning how to meditate and doing so day, you awaken as spirit and heal the body of yours. Many energies are available to enable you to return to yourself, the spirit. Kundalini energy is an vibration to make use of to change the physical to spiritual power. I had written a book on Kundalini which describes how you can make this happen and describes meditation as a cornerstone of healing. The following is an excerpt:
"The human body is an alive, dynamic car for the soul. We, as spirit, have expended a good deal of power in the physical world and in the health of ours. Many beings have lost the awareness of theirs of themselves as spirit as they have invested a great deal of their energy in the physical world of matter. Many folks have come to trust they are the bodies of theirs and that there is nothing but the actual physical world.
"This sleeping state is exactly what many people on Earth are now having. The lack of awareness of the religious nature of the spirituality and all the things of humanity will be the primary cause of disturbance on this planet. The lack of spiritual info is perpetuating this particular state of unawareness. While many men and women look for God, they need God outside of themselves rather than inside. This particular outward focus for spiritual guidance and info can cause confusion and create power games and balance games instead of spiritual awakening of the individual soul.
"For the soul to reawaken to the religious nature of its, it should realize that it is not its body and doesn't have the characteristics of the body. The human body operates in space and time, is limited by effort, competition and ethics, and it is mortal. The spirit works outside of time and space, doesn't have competition, effort or ethics, and is immortal, to list a couple of differences. The soul has to master to have affinity for the body of its to make fully through it since the affinity for the body's qualities assists the soul work through the medium of the body.
"The differences between spirit and body cause a great deal of confusion for many folks seeking spiritual awakening and information. The person might start the spiritual opening of her with intentions that are great and end up centered on an ego trip, in pain, dịch vụ cúng đầy tháng (go to website) or in worry since she did not recognize the difference between spirit and body. Attempting to make the body such as spirit is hopeless, in addition to attempting to make spirit such as body is impossible. However, a lot of individuals get caught in precisely that pattern. This particular attempt making one like the other disrupts the pure affinity between a spirit and its entire body. It is able to create the body fearful of spirit and cause spirit to spend its energy outside the body.
"To bring the body back to an awakened state, it's vital to realize the differences between body and spirit and never attempt to build the body be like you, the spirit. A spiritually awaken body is quite different from a spiritually awake soul. The body's all-natural characteristics are intensified once the body is healed. Therefore, emotionality, the sexuality, and any other physical attributes are stronger and demand more spiritual attention to turn them to spiritual use. The differences between spirit and body are the same whether the soul or maybe body is awake or asleep. The body is still mortal as well as the soul is still immortal. The body makes use of spirit, space, time, and effort does not. An awakened entire body is one whereby the spiritual power flows quickly, and healing is consistently transpiring like the spirit takes responsibility for its intensified energy area. If spirit wakens the body of its and does not maintain it, the body is often a powerful car that is of control.