Web 2.0 Marketing Made easy With these Top 10 Social media Sites!

In the last article we talked about how web 2.0 marketing and advertising can certainly be a valuable asset for the business of yours. We talked about web 2.0 marketing, social networking providers as well as marketing by social networking, how it is the new phenomena of the ten years and how you can make use of it to spread knowledge, gain trust, build relationship and also gain more new business.
Today we're going to speak about the leading ten social networking sites, how they have fun with a role in web 2.0 marketing, and also how you are able to easily construct accounts with all of them, together with our private ranking chart as well as just how marketing by social media to these top 10 sites can help you start growing your business.
1. Digg.com - After complete analysis, we decided Digg, in terminology of article marketing, social media marketing, and expanding the presence of yours on the net, to be placed above both Twitter and Facebook. Here's why; Digg is a social bookmarking site that we need to you effortlessly setup an account, hook it straight to both your Twitter and Facebook profiles, and also save links with embeded urls which direct directlyto web pages, articles, social sites, videos and blogs. Digg has been in existence after 1998, and has a page rank of 8. Digg receives millions of guests each month. When you're marketing by social media, using Digg as a social media site is essential to your success.

General posting capabilities - 10
Account setup - 10
Google pagerank - 8
Activity - nine
Spam Friendly - 9 Overall User rating - 9.2
2. Facebook.com - Facebook so far has been the fastest growing total capacity social media site thus far. At this time they have over 400 millions users globally with over 50 % of them working on a daily basis. Facebook has a completely capable user interface with applications, blogs, comment posting, friend adding, video uploading and more. Adding pals on Facebook is simple. Building lasting relationships is a bit far more challenging, but crucial. Adding comments each day to the own page of yours can be viewed by the friends of yours, that virally transcends out into the community and can eventually be observed by thousands and thousands of potentially curious prospects. But be careful, once you get up towards 5,000 friends, buy cheap tiktok views, scalar.usc.edu, Facebook will prevent you from gaining much more friends, and at that time you'll need to create a fan page where you are able to post from and invite friends to give you good feedback.

Overall posting capabilities - 10
Account setup - 8
Google pagerank - 10
Activity - ten
Spam Friendly - 7
Overall User rating - nine
3. Twitter.com - Twitter could be the fastest and newest growing web 2.0 marketing platform known so far. Twitter doesn't offer the expansive user interface as well as complete- Positive Many Meanings- personal network platform that Facebook does, though it is simplicity and fast posting capabilities make it a site to be reckoned with. Twitter was designed with a simple idea that asks, "what are you doing?" This idea turned out to be such a gold mine, that these days community networks left and right are introducing the "what are you doing" function to the interface of theirs. This feature enables you to inform individuals about what kinds of recipes you offer, products you have tried, websites you read or promote, etc and so forth. along with the url shorteNing services as biturl, you are able to turn the long site of yours addresses into short links allowing more room to pass along your message to your followers.

Overall posting capabilities - 10
Account setup - 8
Google pagerank - 9
Activity - ten
Spam Friendly - six Overall User ranking - 8.6