The Silent Killer! (High Blood Pressure)

The very first time I noticed I had a higher blood pressure issue, was when I needed my physical exam. to get into the U.S. Air Force in 1965. My blood pressure was too much to be admitted. It was during the Viet Nam war, and people entering the military during this particular time was anxious, nervous and apprehensive, which had been clear.
What the Air Force folks did, was taking me to a space at the back of the center, and they explained to lie down and also have a nap...and after the sleep, they would look at the blood pressure level again. When I woke up, they examined my blood pressure again, and this time it had been acceptable and I was admitted.
High blood pressure has become a life long issue in my opinion, a lot so, I've never been equipped to offer blood. I have had a history of experiencing headaches, hypertension and nose bleeds. And, I discover how it all began. It all happened, when I was 11 years old, and me and my family went to a picnic in the mountains sponsored by the company where by my father worked. It had been in the picnic where by I'd a crash, which did damage for the neck as well as top spine region, as well as the damage was never fixed! The evil father of mine had okay medical insurance with General Electric, but never ever has taken me to obtain a check-up, despite pleading with him!

I can write a book, on my personal battle with hypertension and headaches, but for the purpose of this very short article, I will guarantee that it stays short, in addition to simply point out the high-lights and low-lights of my battle with high blood pressure.
One particular Saturday morning, I was working close to the home, as well as I noticed I was getting a cold and had flu like symptoms for a few days. I did not wish to get the flu (or maybe worse), and I'd an HMO at the time, thus I went down to the clinic being looked at. Whenever the doctor saw the blood pressure reading of mine, he asked me, "Did you run down click here to buy the Best Blood Pressure Pill (https://www.seattleweekly.com/national-marketplace/best-blood-pressure-supplement-review-blood-pressure-pills) this morning? Your blood pressure level is much too high!"

A typical blood pressure is aproximatelly 120/80, and the physician raised the red flag, when he noticed my blood pressure at 180/120! He informed me we had to get the blood pressure down instantly, before I had a heart attack! He published out a prescription I believe, and he wanted me to grow back the next day (Sunday) which he will remain in work from 1 5...so the fight was on!
This was in the early 1990's, and at that time, veteran's could just get therapy at the VA Medical Center, if it was service-connected. This was also the time, when I lost the first task of mine, so the HMO went with it. Lucky I think, the guidelines changed at the VA, and I can nowadays get therapy at the VA, to obtain this problem taken care of.
Without taking medication for the blood pressure, each time a nurse or maybe physician takes the blood pressure of mine, a red flag would go up! For the following 5 years, I went to the VA Medical Center to get my blood pressure level checked twice a month. I in addition bought one of those little machines to check my blood pressure at home, also. Over a five year period, we went through aproximatelly ten different medications during that long time. Whenever the dosage was increased...side-effects put in, and then we would have to start over again. Needless to say, all of this was quite frustrating for me!