Know The Blood Pressure of yours and Guarantee that it stays Under Control

When I was in the Army, top condition, benching more than 300 pounds, going sub eleven small 2 miles, and in a position going up as well as down mountains in Korea with heavy packs, I was told by physicians, "for your age and fitness, the blood pressure of yours is quite high, you much better see it as you get older." When I got into my 30s, doctors told me, "we need to take action to manage your blood pressure level, you do not possess the pounds to lose, and also you will not be prepared to control it with diet. It is hereditary, so we have to use medications." So, I take the pills of mine and keep it under control.

I teach Hapkido and self-defense, so the reason why write about hypertension? Well, I teach folks to be safe. Stroke and heart disease are the first and third major causes of death among Americans. That suggests you are at greater danger from these two conditions than getting killed by a mugger. My objective is to help people be protected and live healthy long life. So I'll coach you on how to avoid a criminal, though I also like to help people with fitness and health as well.
When you do not know your blood pressure, find out. High blood pressure is a serious problem, and often it's no signs. You might be like me, be in shape which is good, but still have high blood pressure. There is a reason it's often known as the silent killer. You can have hypertension and hardly ever even know it if you do not check. If there is high blood pressure, you are able to take steps to manage it.
Blood pressure is actually the force of blood against the walls of arteries. It goes up and down throughout the day, but if it stays elevated over time, then it is referred to as high blood pressure, and hypertension. The main reason it's dangerous is because it makes the heart work too difficult, and also it plays a part in hardening of the arteries. High blood pressure increases the danger of heart problems and stroke. And like I stated above, those're a small number of the leading killers, so this is serious. If those are not enough, high blood pressure are also able to lead to congestive heart failure, kidney disease, and blindness. And I am not alone with this condition, roughly fifty million, or one in 4, American adults are affected by higher blood pressure. And so get yours checked!
Blood pressure is calculated in millimeters of mercury and authored as two numbers systolic pressure over diastolic pressure. Optimal is less than 120 and less than 80. Normal ranges are lower than 130 and less than 85. High regular is 85-89 or 130-139. Hypertension Stage one is 90-99 or 140-159; Stage 2 is 100-109 or 160-179; and Stage 3 is 180 or even higher or 110 or even higher. If repeated readings are more than 140/90 mm Hg., you have to consult a doctor and work on click here to buy the Best Blood Pressure Pill (the original source) getting it controlled as well as maintained under that number.
The steps to controlling hypertension include having a normal weight, physical exercise, maintaining a healthy diet and also avoiding salt/sodium, drinking in moderation if you drink, shooting medicines which are prescribed. You can do all these steps except prescription medications on ones own. But, if doing these doesn't lower the readings of yours to the normal ranges, you may resemble me, and just have bad genes. If you do, work with the doctor of yours to find the right medications to keep the blood pressure of yours in order.
Again, you won't know you have to take these actions in case you don't first get your blood pressure checked, and continue checking it regularly, especially if you've readings that are high or high normal. And remember, blood pressure usually goes in place as we age, so simply as it's common today, does not imply it will stay that way. So get it checked.